Nature - sharing - art

  • The concept

    Reconnect to the cycles of nature and our humanity


    We create memorable evenings, moment of sweetness around the sunset.

    We hold the space and time crossing nature wonder, sense of sharing and aesthetism of art


    We make resonate the twilight hours.


    Imagine the end of the day on a beach, facing west.

    People are having a drink, talking, listening music. Warmth


    Suddently, the sun is reaching the horizon, the music stops. All conversations are evaporating, some are whispering, the silence is coming. Nature is cooling, rustling, the light is becoming down.


    When the sun is going down the horizon, gong. Twilight is greeted by loud cheers of all. The music is coming back, bringing people to the end of night under the stars.


    This emotion of holding time, rustling of nature, that's the emotion we propose to cultivate.


    To reconnect to the cycles of nature and to our humanity.



    And you, what's your best souvenir of sunset ?

  • The project

    spread the culture of sunset

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    Sunset nights

    memorable events of sweetness

    Warm atmosphere




    Dance, music, talk, tales

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    a living and contemplative community

    Imagine you're in sync with people our the world to sh@re the sunset in real time.

    Let's connect all for 24 rebounds of the sun !

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    Sunset App

    a mobile app

    Share the best spots to watch a magnificient sunset.

    Answer the question : where to have a nice drink at dawn when travelling ?

  • be part of the sunwall

    your message to the sun

  • Join the sun move

    share sunset on social media

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  • Share your instants

  • Stories about the sun

    one earth - one sun - millions of stories

    The green beam



    Lima, Peru